03 Juli 2020

2020 Open Class Training

We are proud to announce that the Swiss 420 Class Association will organize a 420 open training in collaboration with the RVZS (Regionalverband Zentralschweiz). The training will be free of charge and is ideal for sailors of any level. You can come with your 420, or try out the 420 at the Sihlsee. Please find the invitation and inscription here!

16 Juni 2020

Swiss Championship & CSP Thalwil

Dear sailors,
We are glad to announce that the International Swiss 420 Championship will take place 2020. In addition, just a few days later, there will be a CSP regatta in Thalwil. Please make sure to register yourselves for the 420 regattas!

Like always, if you have any doubts, questions or remarks feel free to contact us any time:

Kind regards,
The Swiss 420 Association

16 April 2020

World Championship cancelled

As of the 14. of April it is official that the international 420 Class has decided to cancel the World Championship. Both the World and the European Championship might be postponed to a later date in 2020, but currently nothing is certain.
Stay safe and healthy!

08 April 2020

European Championship cancelled

Unfortunately the Swiss 420 association has to inform you that the European Championship 2020 of the 420 and the 470 class will not take place in Gaeta at the 25th of July.

16 März 2020

Selection for EC / WC 2020 Suspended

The Swiss 420 association committee has decided to suspend any further selection processes.
All boats, that have inscribed for the selection for the European & World Championship 2020 will participate in the chosen regatta, disregarding the selection ranking. Switzerland has enough spaces at each championship, that every inscribed boat may participate anyways. This way no teams will be disadvantaged.

15 März 2020

14 März 2020

09 März 2020

CSP Lugano has been cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the lack of inscriptions, the CVLL decided to cancel the planned regatta this weekend (14. & 15. March). Please inscribe for the next CSP in Neuchâtel.

02 Februar 2020

Inscription for the 2020 Junior European Championship and World Championship selection process

We are happy to inform you that the inscription form for the selection process of 2020 is online.

Click here for the inscription form, including the informations about the selection of 2020

Deadline for the inscription: 01.03.2020

Your Swiss 420 Committee