03 Dezember 2016

Selection 2017 - Inscription open.

Here you find the information about the selection 2017 including the inscription form (deadline 15.01.2017).

Championship Organisation 2017 - Teamleading & Coaches

EC Athens GRE
Teamleading: Open; if someone is interested, please contact Monika
Coaches: Open

Teamleading: Monika Meier
Coaches: Joaquim Malhao and Marco Versari

WC Fremantle AUS
Teamleading: Monika Meier
Coaches: Joaquim Malhao and TBD

06 Oktober 2016

420 SM - Schaffen wir es auf 30 Boote?

Bereits sind 27 Boote für die nächste Woche stattfindende Schweizer Meisterschaft in Thun eingeschrieben. WIR FREUEN UNS AUF EUCH!

Schaffen wir es, dass 30 Boote an den Start sind? Wer hat sich noch nicht eingeschrieben? Hier kannst du dich anmelden.

Übrigens sind auch die Segelanweisungen bereits online.


07 September 2016

CSP Ipsach - Resultate.

Während am Samstag und Sonntag Morgen kein Wind auf dem Bielersee eine Regatta zulies, konnten wir am Sonntag ab 13 Uhr noch zwei reguläre Läufe bei 4 - 8 Knoten segeln.

Die Segler lieferten sich zwei spannende Wettfahrten. Gewonnen hat die Regatta Morgan Lauber/Léo Tétaz CNM/CNP vor Maxime Bachelin/Arno de Planta CVV und Sophie Mosegaard/Samira Rast TYC.


Extraordinary General Assembly

Dear 420 class Members

Due to several issues we have to decide, we'll hold a extraordinary general assembly. 

It will take place in Thun during the swiss championsships at friday 14th october after Sailing. 

The agenda will follow. 

29 August 2016

18 August 2016

National regattas: next events.

03./04.09.2016 CSP Ipsach NOR/Inscription

24./25.09.2016 CSP Rolle - CANCLED!
Unfortunately the race must be cancled from the club (about some construction work in the harbour).

01./02.10.2016 CSP Thalwil NOR/Inscription

13.-16.10.2016 NOR  in progress

30 Mai 2016

Selection 2016 - final status by 30.05.2016

The selection for the World Championship and Junior European Championship is finished for this year. Here you find the final selection list.


Swiss Team for the 420 World Championship, San Remo ITA
Maxime Bachlin / Arno de Planta SUI 55179 CV Vidy
Morgan Lauber / Léo Tétaz SUI 52967 CN Morges/CN Pully
Aurelia Fischer / Ilona Hersperger SUI 55631 SV Thalwil
Solène Mariani / Maude Schmid SUI 51814 CN Morges
Nick Zeltner / Till Seger SUI 55553 RC Oberhofen

Swiss Team for the 420 Junior European Championship, Balatonfüred HUN
Maxime Bachelin / Arno de Planta SUI 55179 CV Vidy
Morgan Lauber / Léo Tétaz SUI 52967 CN Morges/CN Pully
Nick Zeltner / Till Seger SUI 55553 RC Oberhofen
Jann Schüpbach / Alec Hatebur SUI 55545 YC Thunersee/RC Oberhofen
Solène Mariani / Maude Schmid SUI 51814 CN Morges
Romea Fries / Jo Anna Wyler SUI 55544 RC Oberhofen/YC Thunersee
Florian Geissbühler / Livio Erni SUI 55787 YC Bielersee/SC Cham
Sophie Mosegaard / Samira Rast SUI 55554 YC Thunersee

18 Mai 2016

Selection 2016 - current status by 18.05.2016.

Here is the current selection status after the regatta in Kiel.

420 YES in Kiel - Final Results.

Nine races with 15 to 25 knots :-) A report is welcome. How right some words?

1. Philipp und Jonas Royla GER
2. Maxime Bachelin / Arno de Planta CVV CONGRATULATIONS!
3. Jan und Lea Borbet GER

10. Morgan Lauber / Léo Tétaz CNM/CNP
29. Jann Schüpbach / Alec Hatebur TYC/RCO
33. Nick Zeltner / Till Segler RCO
68. Florian Geissbühler / Livio Erni YCB/SCC
70. Aurelia Fischer / Ilona Hersperger SVT
75. Romea Fries / Jo Anna Wyler RCO/TYC
80. Sophie Mosegaard / Samira Rast TYC
82. Solène Mariani / Maude Schmid CNM
100. Tim Wittich / Roman Moser SVB
101. Yves Voillat / Yanik Schmid SCMd
114. Simona Hegi / Sarina Böhler SVT

02 April 2016

Invitation 420 Class Training 05./06.05.2016 in Thun.

Participants Swiss 420 Class Members
Coaches Joaquim Malhão, Marco Versari and Monika Meier

Timetable 05.05. 12:00 ready for sailing; after sailing common dinner and theory
                  06.05. 08:30 ready for Sailing; 18:00 end of the day

Location Thunersee-Yachtclub, Sonnmattweg 19, 3604 Thun

Cost 50 CHF for each sailor incl. dinner 05.05. and lunch 06.05.

Sign in here per team until 30.04.2016

Accomondation look here or ask sailors from the region Thunersee

11 März 2016

General assembly

Dear Members

To keep it simple, I write in english. Hopefully it’s okay for all of you. 

I’d like to inform you about the general assembly of the Swiss 420 Association. It will take place as follows:

THUN, MAY 7TH (Clubhouse YC Thunersee, after sailing)

The invitation with more details and the agenda will follow.

One of them will be the Regatta officer. Since Nicolas Rolaz stopped sailing in 420 he’d like to pass this on to some one of you. 
If you think you can take this function, then please let us know. Everyone is welcome to do it.

Best regards and see you soon!

For the comitee, Jann

25 Februar 2016

Membership fee 2016.

Please pay your membership fee until the first regatta in vidy.

40 CHF per calendar year

IBAN CH37 0900 0000 8536 4157 8
Swiss 420 Association
3600 Thun

Thank you!

21 Januar 2016

Selection 2016 - are you registered?

Here is the list of registered sailors:

SUI 52967 Lauber/Tetaz              WC&JEC
SUI 55544 Fries/Wyler                 JEC
SUI 55545 Hatebur/Schüpbach  WC&JEC
SUI 55552 Mosegaard/Rast        WC&JEC
SUI 55553 Zeltner/Seger             WC&JEC

The information for registration can be found here. Please check that also the payment is done. Deadline is 31.01.2016.