13 Mai 2019

PM Thun / Jungfrautrophy 2019

Rain, sun, 30 knots, 0 knots, wind from the north, wind from the south and much more. The sailors had to face very difficult conditions this weekend on the Lake of Thun. At the end, Nilo Schärer (RCO) and Nik Burkhard (SCE) won their second PM in a row, by scoring 2-1-1-2. 
Natascha Rast and Samira Rast (DRCS) scored 4 points more and finished second. Achille Casco and Elliot Schick (DRCS) threw Sophie Mosegaard and Fiona Schärer (TYC) out of the Top 3 in the last race of the event. Alexandre Grognuz and Siméo Vollmer (CVVT) completed the Top 5. 

Thanks a lot to the Thunersee Yachtclub for the great organization!

 The next PM will be held in Ascona from 25.05.2019 to 26.05.2019. 

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